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We are excited to announce our "2023 Trip Schedule". We have some great trips planned and cannot wait for the adventures to begin. Check them out under future trips.  We finally joined the technology age.  New this year is Online Registration and Payments.  All you have to do is click the button “Book Now” and it will bring you to the online registration.  When making your deposit, if you use the ACH method of payment there is no charge.  There is a charge for using credit cards.  If you have any questions while registering, please let us know either by Contacting Us or calling 701-866-7319.   

The Pink Bus Mystery Trips provides getaway trips for women. The Pink Bus Mystery Trips are for women of all ages and of all walks of life. Women tend to be the caregivers, household organizers and hard workers both in and outside the home. It is important for women to take time out for themselves to reconnect with friends and family and at the same time have fun and relax! The bus departs from Fargo, ND (*unless noted differently). If you fill the bus up with your own group, we can pick you up at your location (minimum of 45 passengers).

If you like unique places and spending a weekend with your girlfriends, meeting new friends, and having an all around great time, the Pink Bus Mystery Trip is a great way to do it all. The places we go and the people we meet makes these trips a must. The treats, surprises, and activities along the way add a special touch that creates more fun for all. Deb and Wendy are wonderful hosts and have done an amazing job putting these trips together. I can't wait for the next mystery adventure!!

Marilyn ~ West Fargo, ND

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